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Scotland’s trusted industrial cleaning company

From manufacturing to warehouse cleaning

Keep your industrial facility safe, compliant, and running smoothly with We Clean Group, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the region’s trusted choice for all types of industrial cleaning. Partner with us today.

The industrial cleaning experts

Tailored solutions for your facility

Managing an industrial location involves adhering to various regulations and workplace standards. We know the level that is expected and can help maintain your building to meet the required standards. From minimising environmental impact through proper waste disposal to maintaining a safe environment for your employees in line with health and safety regulations, We Clean Group has got you covered.


We can service all kinds of industrial locations, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centres, and industrial plants. Ensure seamless business operations by partnering with We Clean Group for expert industrial cleaning. 

Industrial Building
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Manufacturing facilities

From factory floors to assembly lines, we ensure a clean and safe working environment for your staff.

Warehouses and distribution centres

Our team tackles the challenges of large-scale cleaning, including floor cleaning, dusting, and disinfection of storage areas.

Industrial Plants

We are skilled in cleaning industrial plants, ensuring the maintenance of critical areas and the removal of dust and debris.

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Case studies

A unique facility requires a unique solution

That’s why we offer customised cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs. Find out how We Clean Group manages industrial facilities of all scales and sizes by reading our case studies.

Take cleaning to the next level with Scotland’s trusted industrial cleaning company. Call us on 0141 255 1968 to request a quote.

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