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Cleaning Computer Keyboard

Telephone and computer cleaning services

For offices across Edinburgh and Glasgow

For regular PC care and maintenance, work with We Clean Group today. We’re the team trusted to keep your office technology clean and tidy.

See clearly, work happily

Why your office technology needs regular cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning, the carpets and desks aren’t the only things that need regular maintenance. Let We Clean Group explain why. Dust build-up inside computers can lead to overheating and performance issues, impacting the lifespan of the device. Regular maintenance will help to keep computer fans, cooling systems, and air vents clean, helping your devices function more efficiently for longer. But performance isn’t the only reason you should regularly clean your office equipment. Dust on screens can contribute to eye strain, which can impact employee productivity and well-being.


By keeping your office electronics clean, you’re creating a healthier and more comfortable working environment for your staff. Call We Clean Group now to book your cleaning service.

Conference telephone on empty conference room table
Cleaning surfaces

Flexible scheduling

We work around your office hours. Schedule us for evening or weekend cleaning.

Free, no-obligation quotes

Need a one-off or routine clean? No problem. Call We Clean Group today to discuss your requirements.

Professional operation

Our cleaner absences won’t affect your workplace. Our mobile relief team is always on hand to cover all shifts.

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Our computer cleaning services

How do we clean your technology?

At We Clean Group, we prioritise the health and safety of our employees and help you to do the same. Our comprehensive computer and telephone cleaning services are designed to keep your technology functioning properly – and keep employee well-being at an all-time high. Our cleaners will thoroughly clean your devices, which includes:


 Disinfection of keyboards and screens

Wiping down monitors and exteriors

Dust removal from internal components

Cleaning of ports and cables

Do your office electronics need cleaning? Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 for telephone and computer cleaning services in Scotland.

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