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Specialists in pigeon guano cleaning

Providing safe and compliant removals across Scotland

We Clean Group follows all health and safety regulations to help businesses remove guano from their properties. Call now to request a site survey with our teams located in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Beyond the mess

The problem with pigeon guano

Pigeon guano doesn’t just cause a mess – it's a health hazard. The dried droppings can harbour harmful bacteria that can cause respiratory illnesses like Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Psittacosis. To avoid the flu-like symptoms associated with these illnesses, it’s best to call a professional cleaning company to remove all droppings.


In substantial quantities, pigeon guano can also damage your property. The acidic nature of the droppings can erode paint, concrete, and metal surfaces if not adequately cleaned. Luckily, We Clean Group is on hand to provide a quick and effective solution.

City Pigeons
Cleaning surfaces

Thorough risk assessments

We carry out in-depth risk assessments before providing a safe and effective removal procedure.

Flexible scheduling

We offer cleaning services at your convenience to minimise disruptions to your business operations.

25+ years’ experience

Backed by 25 years of experience, we can handle any pigeon guano problem effectively.

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Safe and effective removal

Our guano cleaning services include

Thorough site inspection: Our teams will conduct a free site survey to examine the amount and location of the guano and develop a custom cleaning plan to address the problem areas.


Safe removal and disposal: Our specialists use PPE equipment and safe-handling techniques to safely remove the guano and dispose of it according to health and safety regulations.


Disinfection: We use powerful disinfectants to sterilise the area and neutralise any lingering ammonia odours associated with the guano.

For pigeon guano cleaning, call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968. Our teams work across Scotland to minimise the health risks associated with guano.

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