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Leisure centre cleaning

For Scotland’s local communities

Specialised cleaning services for gyms, sports halls, and community facilities across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the surrounding areas. Work with We Clean Group to design a tailored cleaning plan.

Building a stronger community

One clean space at a time

With a constant flow of people using the gym, swimming pools, sports halls, changing rooms and seating areas, these facilities can quickly become unhygienic. That's why We Clean Group offers specialist cleaning services designed to tackle the challenges that these types of areas present. 


When cleaning public spaces, We Clean Group prioritises safety. From minimising the risks of slips and falls on wet floors to ensuring gyms and fitness areas are free from potential trip hazards, our teams take the necessary precautions to ensure your facility’s health and safety standards are consistently met. Request an assessment of your building today, and we’ll provide a tailored and transparent quote.

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Cleaning surfaces

Flexible hours

Ensure all cleaning is completed before your peak hours with our flexible cleaning services.

Emergency cleaning services

Trust We Clean Group to respond quickly to spills or other messes that arise.

Guarantee all work

100% satisfaction on all work we complete or your money back. Call us today to enquire.

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Case studies

Tackling all types of cleaning challenges

Wondering how our professional cleaning services can benefit your leisure or community centre? Read our case studies to find real-world examples of how We Clean Group keeps these environments ticking.

Book your assessment today to arrange our leisure centre cleaning services. Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 to discuss your requirements with Scotland’s experts.

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