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Donation Box at a charity

Charity cleaning services that make a difference 

Cleaning with a cause

Work with We Clean Group to make a positive impact on Scotland’s charitable organisations. Lending a helping hand starts with our teams in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The power of a clean space

How We Clean Group enhances well-being

As a safety net for those in need, charities are relied upon by the most vulnerable people in our communities. With their staff working to support, feed, and clothe children and adults, ensuring they work in a clean environment isn’t just a nicety – it’s a necessity.


At We Clean Group, we understand the impact charities have on our communities – that’s why we’re committed to supporting them with essential, high-quality cleaning services. By reducing dust, allergens, and germs, we ensure the staff and volunteers who tirelessly work to support our communities are better protected in their workplace, allowing them to dedicate their full energy to those in need. But the benefits don’t just stop there. Typically, vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and those experiencing homelessness are more susceptible to illness. Ensuring they have a clean and hygienic space to visit is just as important as the rest of the care they receive.


To find out more about the impact We Clean Group has on charities and community centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow, reach out today.

Volunteers Serving Food
Cleaning surfaces

Flexible scheduling

We work around your hours to ensure minimal disruption to your charity’s operations.

Tailored cleaning solutions

Work with us to develop a customised cleaning plan that addresses your charity’s needs.

Certified by SafeContractor

Meeting rigorous health and safety standards, we provide a cleaner environment for your volunteers.

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Case studies

Making a positive impact in our community

Want to learn more about the impact We Clean Group has on our community? Explore our case studies to see how we’ve helped create cleaner, more welcoming spaces for those who need it most.

Request our charity cleaning services today. Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 to see how we help Scottish charities achieve a cleaner, healthier environment.

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