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Benefits of professional cleaning

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See our cleaning solutions in action. Learn how We Clean Group transforms commercial properties across Edinburgh and Glasgow and work with us today.

Why choose We Clean Group

How We Clean Group makes a difference

Across sectors, We Clean Group tackles all kinds of cleaning jobs with positivity and enthusiasm. No matter how challenging the cleaning requirements, our teams rise to the occasion with their expertise and resourcefulness. Together, we transform your space. Don’t believe us? Read our case studies.

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Trust us to turn up on time and do the job to a high standard.


Our teams receive extensive training to ensure all jobs are done properly.


From start to finish, we ensure you’re never in the dark.

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What are the benefits of professional commercial cleaning?

Read our case studies to find out

  • 1. What types of commercial properties do you clean?
    We clean a variety of commercial properties including offices, retail spaces, industrial sites, educational facilities, medical centres, and more. Each setting is treated with specialised care and cleaning protocols.
  • 3. What cleaning standards do you follow for commercial spaces?
    We adhere to the highest industry standards, using environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. We provide a BICSc certified Online Training Academy to our cleaners, and we are both ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.
  • 4. Can you accommodate specific cleaning requirements from clients?
    Yes, we work closely with our clients to meet specific cleaning requirements, whether they involve adhering to strict sanitation protocols or using particular cleaning products.
  • 5. Do you provide all necessary cleaning materials and equipment?
    Yes, we are fully equipped with all necessary cleaning materials and state-of-the-art equipment to provide a comprehensive cleaning service.
  • 6. How do you handle highly sensitive areas such as data centres or laboratories?
    We have specialised protocols for cleaning high-sensitivity areas, including the use of specific tools and techniques to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable standards.
  • 7. What are your rates for commercial cleaning services?
    Our rates are competitive and based on the type of facility, the frequency of cleaning, and specific service requirements. We offer detailed quotes to provide clear pricing.
  • 8. How do you train your cleaning staff?
    Our staff undergoes rigorous training, including on-site training, safety protocols, and specific cleaning techniques for different environments. Ongoing training ensures they stay updated on the latest cleaning and safety practices.
  • 9. Do you offer green or eco-friendly cleaning services?
    Yes, we provide eco-friendly cleaning options utilising sustainable products and methods that are effective and environmentally responsible.
  • 10. How can a client schedule a commercial cleaning service?
    Scheduling a cleaning service is easy—contact us here or call 0800 464 7397

Have we convinced you? Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 for professional cleaning services across Scotland.

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