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Removing graffiti

Graffiti removal services

Restore and protect your commercial property

Is graffiti deterring potential customers? Work with We Clean Group for effective graffiti removal and cleaning services across Scotland, including Edinburgh and Glasgow

Fast and effective solutions

Remove graffiti and revamp your property

Don’t let unwanted graffiti become an eyesore. Whether in the form of spray paint or permanent markers, graffiti can make your building look unattractive and put off potential customers. At We Clean Group, our teams can tackle graffiti on a variety of surfaces, including glass, brick, wood, and more. Using safe and effective removal methods, we can clean the unwanted markings without damaging your property. Call now to book a graffiti removal service.

Washing graffiti off a security grill
Cleaning surfaces

Free graffiti removal quote

Schedule your free consultation to assess your specific situation and receive a no-obligation quote.

Flexible scheduling

We discreetly clean and remove graffiti at a time that works best for your business.

25+ years’ experience

Bringing 25 years of expertise to all jobs, we’ve got a team trained to effectively clean graffiti.

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Graffiti removal process

Our multi-step method of graffiti removal

Once our teams have conducted a thorough inspection to assess the type of graffiti, its extent, and the affected surface material, we use a combination of cleaning methods, including:


Low-pressure water blasting: For certain surfaces like brick or concrete, low-pressure blasting can effectively remove loose paint and dirt without damaging the surface itself.


Chemical solvents: Specialised solvents are applied to particularly stubborn graffiti, helping to dissolve the paint without affecting the underlying material.


Manual scrubbing: In some cases, gentle scraping or scrubbing may be required. Our teams are highly trained to ensure this is done without causing scratches or gouges.

Remove graffiti today. Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 for graffiti removal services in Scotland.

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