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Flooded room

Emergency flood and fire damage cleaning

On standby 24/7 to clean flood and fire damage

Act fast to protect your property. Call We Clean Group for rapid emergency responses. Helping Scotland’s businesses with teams based in Edinburgh and Glasgow to deliver quick results when it matters most.

Risks of fire damage

Preventing secondary fire damage with professional cleaning

Beyond the immediate structural damage, fires can leave behind soot and smoke damage that can pose a health risk to occupants. Once the emergency services and left your property and released the scene, We Clean Group has an emergency response team ready to help with the clean-up process.


The clean-up process is important for a number of reasons. When fire strikes, porous surfaces like drywall and wood expand, allowing soot and harmful byproducts of the fire to get trapped inside as the materials begin to cool. However, once the air temperature rises again, these smoke particles can be released into the air, becoming a health risk to your building’s occupants. To avoid these health risks, call We Clean Group today to provide a thorough assessment and fire damage removal cleaning operation.

Fire damaged window
Cleaning surfaces

Emergency response

Our dedicated teams are available 24/7 to respond to emergency fire or flood cleaning calls.

Health hazard mitigation

Following health and safety regulations to professionally tackle fire and flood damage.

Professional sanitisation

Providing sanitisation and deodorisation services to neutralise smoke and eliminate bacteria.

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Emergency flood cleaning

Trusted to act fast in the event of flooding

Flash floods and sudden rainstorms can wreak havoc on sewage systems, rivers, and pipes, causing water to run into commercial properties. Every year, buildings across Scotland are affected by water damage, resulting in lost inventory, disrupted operations, and potential health risks for employees and customers. If you’re dealing with flooding, our emergency response team is here to help. Once the flooded areas have been assessed by our teams, we work quickly and efficiently to remove all water and sanitise your premises. Our cleaners use specialised water removal equipment and rapid drying solutions to make the process as quick as possible. Call us on 0141 255 1968 today to request an emergency service.

Call We Clean Group on 0141 255 1968 for emergency flood and fire damage cleaning in Scotland.

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